In 1974 Antonia Manaresi, overwhelmed by great passion for fashion and everything that can be named as elegance, opened, in the centre of Riccione, her first boutique, "ANTONIA", since the beginning, exclusive agent of the best feminin fashion brands. Only two seasons later, thanks to a great succes and to the constant apreciation of her customers was opened "ANTONIA PIU'", dedicated to women, men and children shoes and accessories and men's clothes.

In the second half of the 80's, at the tender age of 14, Antonia's daughter, Beatrice, who still the right-hand of Mrs. Antonia, started making her first steps inside the store. The older son, Massimiliano, joined the ladies of the family in the management of the stores about 10 years ago.

Reliability and kidness, toghether with the experience and the continuous search of new collections are prerogatives of ANTONIA and ANTONIA PIU' boutiques, wich accompained throughout the years Italian as well as foreign clients.

Both boutiques are linked to Chamber of Italian Fashion Buyer - THE BEST SHOPS, which gather the owners of the high level multibrand stores.

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